Steps for jobs in GCC, Canada and Europe

Step by step process of securing a job abroad without paying agents

Many people want to have jobs abroad but they don’t know how to and where to start. As a result they have fallen victims of agents where they ge defrauded their hard earned money.

Don’t be a victim follow these steps or make sure you use genuine agents who is licensed by your country’s authorities.

Now you can pop your popcorn and follow these easy steps to securing or being ready for that first flight for free

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Steps planning to hunt a job or have your first flight ✈️ abroad for a career

  1. Obtain a travellers passport

    The first and most important step, before starting an application process make sure you have a valid passport which should be more than 6 months of validity.
    An employer will never award an opportunity to a candidate without a passport.
    You find alot of people enquire or face me to offer them a referral to a certain company but when you ask if they have a passport the answer is im in the process. This is very wrong and the answer is get your pp ready.
    Application process is different from different countries.

  2. Have your academic certificates ready in soft copy.

    This is a process that takes minimal time. Put your academic certificates in soft this is done by scanning them and saving as on your email as a back up or on your cloud storage.
    Make sure they are attested for smooth process when you land in a foreign land. For instance, UAE needs all academic documents attested by the ministry of foreign affairs.

  3. Curriculum vitae

    Remember your cv is your brand. Make sure your branding attracts the eye of the recruiter. Well a d professionally designed resumes stand a 80 to 90% probability of being highlighted by a a recruiter. You can download these formats from Google or use third party. For instance our experts can help you 😀 come up with a cv and right formatting, which most candidates have had a chance of 70% being called for an interview.

  4. Create an online presence

    With technology, social media and job portals being some of the major platforms companies advertise their open positions create your presence by creating accounts.
    First, is important to you. Create your portfolio which the employer will like 👍. Make sure you connect with as much connections as you can.
    Two: There are legit and genuine job portals where you can find latest jobs these include :
    Just to mention most popular and genuine portals.
    Also make sure you visit and create accounts on companies career portal.
    For instance go to and check their career page, also example career page also create an account as they advertise multiple opportunities regularly.
    Create your account and upload your resume.
    With this done perfectly you stand a chance of being selected by companies who post opportunities on these portals. All these portals are free unless you want to purchase premium account which is also an impact in your job hunt process as your resume will always be the first to be showcased to the recruiters.

  5. Ready for interview

    The process is either by Skype, zoom or by other means a company will prefer.
    When you recieve an online interview process make sure you have access to stable Internet and in a quite place and good background too.
    Note: First impression matters alot and will be the determinant or the impression about you.
    Note make sure you are well dressed and the posture should be always facing the camera directly. With this the recruiter will feel your confidence and also give the impression that all you are saying is true.

  6. Offer letter and contract signing.

    If you are selected and guarantee if you follow these procedures you will be offered an opportunity.
    Now, go through the offer letter thoroughly and make sure you sign for what you agreed during the intetview. If you have doubt about certain clause make an effort to ask the recruiter via email or means of communications you are using.
    Many people have fallen victims of signing contracts only for them to regret they signed wrong info. So better be on the safe side.

  7. Visa and government clearance.

    As you wait for the visa and ticket from your employer make sure all documents are ready and put in place for travel. Make sure your cid clearance or good conduct is attested by ministry of foreign affairs and stamped by the consular of the country you are destined.

Thats all for now and I wish you well as you face the job hunt process overseas. If you need help or want to enquire about UAE 🇦🇪 feel free to use the contact us page to table your query.

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